Naberezhnye Chelny


      Was founded in 1805, a year after the University
      Kazan Seminary occupied the premises before 1918
      Has over 430,000 depository items from 60 countries
      Has formation specimens from Moon and Mars
      There is a full mammoth skeleton found in 1898
      Samples of petroleum and gas liquid from all over Russia
      13,000 specimens of ores and minerals, 1,000 crystals
      125 meteorites


      Mintimer Shaimiev, First President of Tatarstan (23.07.1996)

      Delighted by what I saw! My endless gratitude to the creators of this museum with its rich collection. We are all obliged to preserve and multiply our heritage.

      Sergey Mironov, Chairman of the Federation Council (02.12.2010)

      A unique museum. I am very glad that this unique collection is preserved and multiplied. I wish you success and new findings.

      Georgy Gordadze, Professor of the Russian University of Petroleum and Gas (April 2012)

      It’s not my first time at your museum, and I derive immense pleasure from this display and from the narration by V. Silantyev. Many thanks.


      V. Silantyev

      Director of the Museum

      R. Petrova

      Chief Archive Curator

      M. Ourazayeva

      Deputy Director

      R. Galeeva

      Head of Mineralogy and Petrography

      G. Sonin

      Head Librarian

      L. Golovchenko

      Head of Paleontology

      D. Miftakhutdinova

      2nd Category Engineer of Mineralogy and Petrography Section

      O. Vasilieva

      Engineer of Paleontology Section

      A. Akhtamyanova

      2nd Category Engineer of the Library

      M. Medvedev

      Engineer of Paleontology Section

      N. Afanasyeva

      2nd Category Engineer of Mineralogy and Petrography Section