Naberezhnye Chelny


      One of the oldest and biggest such museums in Russia
      8 rooms contain exhibits of 23 unique types of animals
      The display is systemized in order of complexity – from Protozoa to Primates
      Students of medicine and biology have their classes here and sometimes also serve as guides during their practice sessions
      Olympiads, courses, and quests are held here
      The Museum sometimes serves as a ground for biological research
      The only place where you can take a selfie with a lion without risking your safety


      S. Telegina

      Our sincere gratitude to the employees for the excursion and hospitality. We heard a plain and engrossing story about this exhibition. Thank you very much!

      N. Yamantayeva

      It's not our first time here. We really like the world of invertebrates. Pupils are delighted by the Museum.

      U. Kravchenko

      Thank you for this very perspicuous excursion. I liked it very much. Even adults had something new to see here.


      A. Belyayev


      I. Khayrutdinov

      Chief Archive Curator

      A. Bespyatykh

      Head of Invertebrates

      A. Bespalov

      Head of Vertebrates

      L. Kadyrova

      Head of Botanical department